A Guide on what you may want to know about CircuitGaths.

What Circuitgaths is all about.

Circuitgaths is an online learning and training platform in the field of electrical engineering. We create simplified and interactive learning experiences through our YouTube channel and also our website.

How CircuitGaths started.

CircuitGaths was started in 2021 by Dennis Madara with the idea of building a platform with almost free learning resources geared towards HandsOn knowledge.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to help people understand Electrical Engineering concepts for free, We accomplish this by creating videos and articles all freely available to the public.

Does Circuitgaths offer Courses.

No. We only help you complete your course in the field of Electrical Engineering and also we make sure that people are well equipped with HandsOn knowledge. If any changes are made, we will update you.

How to get in touch with CircuitGaths.

If you would like to talk to us about any issue regarding CircuitGaths, contact us through the email: info@circuitgaths.com, we are always available.

Our tip towards understanding Electrical concepts.

"It is not knowledge or possession which makes you understand but it is the act of learning which makes you get there."